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Araan is the First God of Earth, more commonly known as the Forgefather. He is the blacksmith of and for the gods, though he has been known to bless his followers and other mortals with his divine creations as well.

He is the first Geovoc, and all Geovoces can theoretically trace their lineage back to him. As a Geovoc, his skin is stone-grey, and he stands just a hair over eight feet tall - though his head shows no sign of ever having grown a single hair itself. He has a muscular build, especially his arms, and has no qualms about showing it, preferring to work shirtless while at his forge. Unlike some of his Geovoc descendants, Araan has no evidence of hardened scales or stones protruding from his skin.

His symbol is a hammer and anvil, and his favored weapons are the hammer and shield.

Magick Focus

Much of the magick granted by and channeled through Araan has a focus on defensive capabilities. Many of his followers learn to enhance their natural defenses as part of their initial training, mastering such spells as Shield and Stoneskin. With practice, followers of Araan can learn to channel his might into controlling the mighty earth, creating walls of stone or crafting detailed statues at the flick of a wrist. His followers also have an inherent knack for crafting magical items, particularly through smithing and metallurgy, and have spells at their disposal for aiding in the process.

Notable Offspring

Ekiner - The Forgedaughter, Second Goddess, Goddess of Metals