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Dandrin is the First Goddess of Nature, the Lady of the Trees. She crafted the first trees and the first bushes, the first grasses and flowers, and populated both Garrin and the mortal realms with her creations. Unlike her brothers and sisters of the First Gods, Dandrin spends most of her time among her creations, wandering the forests of the mortal realms and tending to gardens. Because of this, she is one of few Forgotten Deities that many mortals can truly say they have made personal contact with.

Dandrin resembles the Wood Elves native to the realm of Erithin, which has prompted rumors of the origins of the Wood Elves, though they have yet to be corroborated. She is tall and slender, and carries a quarterstaff as a walking stick as she travels.

Her symbol is a sprouting plant. Her favored weapons are the quarterstaff and longbow.

Magick Focus

Dandrin's magick focuses heavily on growth - physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Many of her followers build on their transmutative magicks, mastering spells which give them or their allies boosts in battle. A good portion of her followers also delve deeper into the healing magicks than many disciples of the other First Gods. There is also a small group of her followers, known as the Dandric Court, that have devoted their lives to the combination of the sciences of botany and alchemy - combining and transforming plants into horrid semi-sentient mutations.

Notable Offspring

Arianis - The Beast-Tamer, Second God, God of Beasts

Polluris - The Explorer, Second God, God of Discovery

Tomirepys - The Nomad, Second God, God of Travel