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Dylea is the First Goddess of Creation. She was the voice of reason during the First Convening of the Council of Gods, and the one who suggested the creation of the mortal realms. She creates the base forms while the other gods add their own touches - for example, while Dylea created the mortal realm Erithin, it was Dandrin who populated it with flora, and the realm's Overgods who created the mortals that populate it.

Dylea rarely takes physical form, but when she does, that form is reminiscent of the Orcs of Diaspora, before the Age of Fire.

Dylea's symbol is a perfect unbroken circle, and her followers favor all weapons.

Magick Focus

Dylea being the Goddess of Creation, her followers are adept at crafting and are the Jacks-of-all-Trades, Masters-of-None of the Forgotten Mythos. Their magick focuses generally on aiding in crafting, though they also have some limited ability to summon living creatures from outside their home plane. Dylea's followers are proficient with every weapon, and many of them master, as one of their first spells, the ability to summon a weapon of their choice for use in combat.

Notable Offspring

Lanik - The Burnt Crone, Second Goddess, Goddess of Doubt

Sissiam - The Inevitable, Second God, God of Mortality

Oriandyr - The Poet, Second God, God of Passion