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Hethlira acts as the judge, jury, and executioner of all deific laws. She calls and oversees each meeting of the Council of Gods. She is the First Goddess of Authority. She is the goddess who grants authority to kings and queens, beneficent regents and tyrants alike. It is not her responsibility to judge good or evil, only lawful or unlawful.

Hethlira's body is covered in fur, and her facial features are distinctly feline, though she denies any direct relation to the Leonin mortal races.

Hethlira's symbol is a quill, and her favored weapons are the mace and shortsword.

Magick Focus

Hethlira's followers focus on magick that allows them to control the battefield - holding spells, blinding spells, and illusions to keep enemies where they are most vulnerable. They have some ability to heal and cure ailments, but it is limited. They are also the most adept at casting spells to identify items or objects with magickal properties, and can also easily recognize the alignments and motivations of the people around them.

Notable Offspring

Fillur - The Equalizer, Second God, God of Balance

Gallarin - The Judicious One, Second God, God of Law

Loriath - The Songbird, Second Goddess, Goddess of Music

Nievalyr - The Lady of Bones, Second Goddess, Goddess of Death