Forgotten Mythos Wiki

The Forgotten Mythos is comprised of multiple tiers of deities.

First Gods

The First Gods are the originators of most mortal beings and the mortal realms. They are considered to be the most powerful of the Forgotten Pantheon, and have much control over the goings-on in all realms.

Second Gods

The Second Gods are deities by birthrite - each of them can trace their lineage to one or more of the First Gods. They are directly involved in the maintenance of the mortal realms, sometimes referred to as Overgods, and were given authority by the First Gods to populate their realms as they saw fit. Though not as powerful as the First Gods, Second Gods often involve themselves more personally in the affairs of their followers, meaning they are more commonly worshiped and more well-known among the mortal populace.


The Demigods are gods by both achievement and exaltation. A Demigod has been elevated to such status and power by their patron god or goddess after having achieved ascension. Demigods are few and far between, as not only must they ascend to godhood, they must also do so while keeping well within the bounds of their patron's moral and ethical guidelines. Any deviation from their code could result in their patron denying the exaltation to Demigod status. Demigods are typically not as powerful as Second Gods, but are more powerful and influential than Ascended.


Acended are deities purely by virtue of achievement. Ascended deities, while more powerful than typical mortals, do not necessarily have any advantages over them. Most Ascended achieved ascension by strict training and eventually completing some task beyond the scope of normal mortals. The number of Ascended has remained fairly consistent over the past several centuries, due in part to many of the new Ascended rising to their rank by killing one of the previously Ascended. This act in itself is enough to achieve Ascension.

When a mortal achieves ascension, they are granted a domain based on their strengths. In addition, they have the sovereignty over any lost souls slain by them or in their name, or who died leading a life loyal to them. They are ageless, and are immediately granted peaceful passage to and from Garrin as needed, though this does not mean they are free to act as they so desire while in the presence of the First Gods.