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Iraga is the First Goddess of Time. She is kind and gentle, the most matronly of the First Gods, and preaches a message of power from kindness. She is one of the few First Gods who regularly communes with her followers, though she prefers to commune through conscious meditation rather than in person.

Iraga is the base mold and inspiration for Humans, and has no qualms admitting to it. She is proud of her children and their creations, and will love them despite their many flaws.

Iraga's symbol is an hourglass in an infinity shape, and her favored weapons are the longsword and quarterstaff.

Magick Focus

Iraga's followers have limited ability to manipulate the flow of time around them. This is a very utilitarian ability, as it can be adapted to man different situations. They can hasten themselves to gain an advantage, slow their opponents to give a disadvantage, reverse the effects of an open wound, cause a pre-existing disease or poison to advance at a faster or slower pace, or even in some cases stop time altogether to give themselves an opportunity to review a situation before acting.

Combat Focus

Iragan magickers undergo extensive training from a young age, focusing primarily on adapting to changing situations and anticipating not only their opponents' next move, but the move after and the one beyond and so forth. They typically refuse heavier weapons and armor, preferring lightweight alternatives to maintain their agility to respond quickly to changing demands in combat. They are adept at utilizing the environment around them to their advantage. When fighting with a longsword, most Iragans will choose to keep their off-hand free - another attempt to maintain control of a constantly variable situation. This also allows them to wield a melee weapon with one hand and cast magick with the other.

Notable Offspring

Fyrut - The Mineral Maker, Second God, God of Minerals and Gemstones

Muera - The Rival, Second Goddess, Goddess of Conflict

Serlenis - The Ring, Second God, God of Cycles

Zozoron - The Bright One, Second God, God of Light.