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Lorryl is the First God of the Air. Lorryl is the source of breathable air, wind, and changing temperatures. Lorryl is normally level-headed, but is also very much in tune with the emotions of his brothers and sisters, and can be swayed easily by emotional arguments. Lorryl has a tendency to agree with every side of an argument, or at least "see the validity" of every side. Because of this, the other gods sometimes view him as unreliable or malleable.

Lorryl is the physical embodiment of air personified, the original air elemental, and all Aerovocs can trace the lineage to him if they look far enough into the past.

Lorryl's symbol is three vertical straight lines that come to a spiral at the end, signifying the flow of air. His favored weapons are the repeating crossbow and the greatsword.

Magick Focus

Lorryl's magick primarily focuses on increasing the abilities of the user and altering the environment, whether to give the Lorrylian the advantage or to give the opponent a disadvantage. Lorryl's magickers rarely use the few offensive spells granted to them - as point of fact, their basic Blast spell has no damaging effect, but only pushes or pulls the opponent in the direction of choice.

Notable Offspring

Jurih - The Stormbringer, Second Goddess, Goddess of Storms

Pleyrin - She Who Whistles, Second Goddess, Goddess of the Wind