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Raltha is the First Goddess of Water. She is known as the Great Stillness in recognition of her calm-headedness and clarity of mind. She is soft-spoken, but will not hesitate to defend her beliefs and her believers. She is frequently at odds with her brother Messien, but her decisiveness and quickness of action usually overrules his shouted rage. After deliberation, they find themselves agreeing more often than not.

Raltha is the first Hydrovoc. Like Araan, she is humanoid, with distinct physical properties implicit in the element of water. All Hydrovocs openly worship her as their Foremother, but not necessarily as their matron goddess. This displeases her - she sees no reason for worship if there is no commitment between the involved parties.

Raltha's symbol is a single teardrop, and her favored weapons are the mace and javelin.

Magick Focus

Raltha's magick focuses primarily on controlling the battlefield and strategizing. Her followers are often skilled at analyzing a situation and directing a group or party on the most efficacious course of action. Because of this, many of her followers can be found in control behind the scenes of major battles or prosperous kingdoms.

Many years after the degradation of Forgotten Knowledge, a cult sprang up in the name of Raltha, calling themselves the Deluge. Raltha denounced this cult, due in part to their greedy nature, but many of them still insist that they are true and devout followers of Raltha.

Notable Offspring

Athilic - The Duchess of Frost, Second Goddess, Goddess of Ice

Kyrinilac - The Wavemaker, Second God, God of the Sea