Forgotten Mythos Wiki

The Demigods are those who have ascended to godhood and been granted additional power and authority by their patrons. This power is offered only to a select few, and elevates the Demigods to a level nearly comparable to the Second Gods.

Ghornax-Bal - The Hidden King, Demigod, God of the Desert

Ithien - The Giver, Demigoddess, Goddess of the Harvest

KaHai - The Keeper of Sacred Groves, Demigod, God of the Jungle

Kerrya - The Witch Mother, Demigoddess, Goddess of Witchcraft

Lorenz - The Matron of Diasporin, Demigoddess, Goddess of Courage

Nesyra - The Kind Usurper, Demigoddess, Goddess of Willpower

Norozoz - The Dark One, Demigod, God of Darkness

Riegyr - The Bloodthirsty Queen, Demigoddess, Goddess of War

Thrache - The Demon-God, Demigod, God of Death

Torruus - The Lorebinder, Demigod, God of Language

Yrith - The Historian, Demigod, God of History